The Last Picture Show Juror Feature: Michael Foley

unnamed-2What do you look for in a single image?
Something engaging, past cliche and full of mystery

What do you look for in a long term project?
A complete commitment to the subject, total immersion.

What do you look for in a photographer?
Consistant vision and sole perspective on the world around them.

What would you like photographers to take into account when putting together a project?
How connected are you to the subject?  If you’re not already, it may be the wrong subject to pursue.


What advice would you give to photographers interested in submitting to the Invitational?
Consistency. Consistency.  Consistency.

What advice would you give to student, alumni and emerging photographers today?
Stay true to your own singular vision regardless of whether it fits what you think is going on now.  Be Obsessive

Photography is…Your connection and distillation of the world.