The Last Picture Show Juror Feature: Meg Handler

unnamed-1What would you like What do you look for in a single image?
That the image be well executed, well composed, and possess engaging subject matter.

What do you look for in a long term project?
That the idea is solid and that the work is cohesive in that it accomplishes it goals to satisfy the idea.

What do you look for in a photographer?
Passion and commitment.

What would you like photographers to take into account when putting together a project?
Their audience.

What advice would you give to photographers interested in submitting to the Invitational?
That they submit work that they are completely confident about.

What advice would you give to student, alumni and emerging photographers today?
They should have a very clear idea of what type of photography they want to focus on, and understand the viability of that choice for their future.

Photography is… a visual comment or conversation.