The Last Picture Show Juror Feature: Leora Kahn

unnamed-3What would you like photographers to take into account when putting together a project? 
1. If they are going to do this to make a change – is it? Is photography really the way to do it?
2. Who are they going to partner with in the field – local partners are really important especially internationally.
3. They should think about financing the project – is it worthwhile for them to do this? Who cares about it?
4. Has this been done before and if so how can the story be told differently.

Ultimately, what would you like to contribute to the photo industry? 
I would like to create a cadre of photographers who work on helping  change the world with their photos – to make a difference by using them to bring awareness to human rights issues.

What inspires you about photography?
It is a very immediate and impactful way to tell a story without words.