Juror Feature: Neil Harris

 What doneilharris_web you look for in a single image? A single image has a lot of work to do to be successful. It must be striking and original, access multiple layers of meaning, and ideally encompass an entire narrative whether it be literal, figurative, or emotional.

 What do you look for in a photographer? I appreciate photographers who never get tired of honing their craft, and who are infinitely curious about the world while being humble about their place in it.

 How do you describe what you do? When I talk to people outside the photo world about what I do, I say that I get to travel around the globe and see fascinating things and people and stories, all without leaving my desk. I feel very lucky that way — although of course I love to travel and even make pictures myself on occasion. But my favorite part of my job is working with a smart photographer to bring a promising idea to life.

 What inspires you about photography? I’m driven by the possibility I will either “discover” or help to make a really exciting picture, and by the opportunity to then play a role in making it visible to the public. More basically, the pleasure of seeing a great picture for the first time — or a favorite picture for the hundredth time — is unlike any other.

What would you change about this industry? I wish we were better at acknowledging the value of important work and compensating its makers more fairly.

What would you like to see photographers take into account when putting together a project? Among other big questions: What is the audience for the work?

Photography is… a beautiful lie. (I think I may have inadvertently stolen that from someone.)