Juror Feature: Elizabeth Krist

What do you look fNGM Editor Elizabeth Kristor in a photographer? I’m looking for that magic combination of journalist and  artist, who will teach me and move me.  The  baseline is technical facility and an affinity for light,  but of course what elevates certain photographers  is their own distinctive visual sensibility.  Other  desirable qualities?  Compassion.  Dedication and  resourcefulness, an open mind and the potential to  grow, intelligence and a relentless curiosity.   


 What do you look for in a long term project? I  like to see an intimacy and a fluidity in the images  that come from a photographer spending time  within a community, to the point where it feels like shared history.  A deeper understanding reinforced by research as well as insight. Coverage comprehensive enough to illuminate the issues relevant to how people (or animals) are living–their struggles and what matters to them.  And fundamentally, a worthwhile subject you care about; if you’re going to go to the trouble of bringing me into this world, and show it to me in a new way, make sure it’s worth the scrutiny.

How do you describe what you do? Helping photographers find their truest voice (I hope!)

Ultimately, how would you like to contribute to the photo industry? Bring memorable work into being through collaborations that photographers will remember as fun.

Photography is the air we breathe!