Curators Announced for NYPH’12

The New York Photo Festival is pleased to announce the appointment of its 2012 edition curators: Amy Smith-Stewart (site, NYT article), Glenn Ruga (, PRC at BU), Claude Grunitzky (Wiki listing), and Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid; site, Wired interview).

These four esteemed individuals exert momentous force in the fields of fine art curation, committed social documentarian photographic work, transcultural art and brand identification and investigation, and polymathic exploration and mixtape documenting of cultural touchstones high and low.  (All are wickedly smart and really great people too. —Ed.)

Featured artists will be announced shortly, as will curator sites, satellite exhibitions, evening programming, and killer special events (intimate artists’ talks, book signings, slideshows).

The exhibition site of the New York Photo Festival Invitational will take place in the massive POWERHOUSE ARENA  at 37 Main Street; it will be the first time in the history of the New York Photo Festival that individual and collective submissions of photographic work will be included formally in the festival; each NYPH’12 curator will head up a team of renowned photo world leaders in his or her category to choose the top finalists and winner of each category to be exhibited. The rest of the curatorial jury will be announced next week; submissions should be placed at; it is strongly advised to enter early (results are presented to jurors by chronological upload), and interim award offers will begin March 23rd.