Congratulations NYPH’12 Invitational Winners!



Holy cow was this massive. Over 6600 submissions, reviewed by 20 top photo industry professionals, split into two aesthetic sides….a massive sorting and evaluating system that has brought to the top of the list incredible examples of what’s being done in Documentary, Fine Art, Advertising and Book making right now.

What did our esteemed jurors think? Just your everyday NYPH participant awesomeness!

“Overall, the quality of the Documentary Series submissions was especially strong. It is encouraging to see so much in-depth, personally directed work on such a wide variety of issues. It demonstrates that in the age of Facebook, documentary photographers are as determined as ever to pay deep attention to a single issue and return to it over many months or years to get to the essence of the subject.” – Glenn Ruga, NYPH’12 Curator; Founder of; and Executive Director at the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University
I was particularly impressed with the originality and creative vision of the student book and multimedia submissions. It’s great to know that craft and passion are alive and well…” –Michael Shulamn, Director of Publishing, Magnum Photos
“It’s been really great to see all this work, the range and strength of it was impressive,…Of particular interest, there was a lot of great documentary photography, by both professionals and students. I hope to get to work with some of them in the near future.” –Mark Murrmann, Photo Editor, Mother Jones
“I was impressed with the variety of subjects that were explored this year, and the quality with which these subjects were captured. Storytelling was at an all time high, and even old topics seemed to have a new twist.” –Deb Archambault, Senior Art Producer, BBH Global

The level was so profound this year that several artists were ranked for achievements in multiple categories; in some instances by different teams of jurors. Where multiple top rankings exist, notations will be made to your exhibiting pieces noting the dual citation; your strongest ranking will be invited for exhibition.

We are still researching a few contacts for image pieces listed at the end of this Notice of Invitation; everyone will be contacted directly by email over the next 24 hours regarding title, category and deadline for artwork receipt.

If your name is on this list, congratulations, your work has been accepted to the New York Photo Festival for the inaugural Invitational Exhibition to take place May 16-20; you must now prepare to send your finished work to the exhibit location OR have your files sent to our official festival partner photo lab SLE for printing, and mounting and framing partner L2 (if you wish mounted); see details at end of this post. 

We will be announcing a summer-long initiative at the festival regarding an expanded presentation of the Invitational, so if your name is not on this list, stay tuned to the NYPH’12 web site for further developments.


Adam Hinton
Albertina d’Urso
Amira Fritz
Amy Oliver
Andreas Nader
Andrew Salyer
Anoek Steketee and Eefje Blankevoort
Arnaud De Wolf
Benedicte Desrus
Benjamin Lowy
Brian Driscoll
Cat Salisbury
Chong Kok Yew
Christian Breidlid
Daniel Rampulla
Desrus Benedicte
Diego Ibarra Sánchez
Dima Gavrysh
Douglas Ljungkvist
Eugen Litwinow
Filippo Mutani
G. Ligaiya Romero
Héloïse Bergman
I-Hsuen Chen
Ilisa Katz Rissman
Ilkka Uimonen
Ina Jang
Jacek Piotr Pulawski
James Morgan
Justina Burnett
Kai Löffelbein
Katrin Koenning
Kei Tanaka
Lane Coder
Larry Louie
Lauren Hewitt
Leeor Kaufman
Leslie Alsheimer
Linda Dreisen
Luca Sage
Maija Tammi
Marco Kesseler
Marion Belanger
Melissa Taub
Mika Goodfriend
Mustafah Abdulaziz
Nenad Saljic
Pasquale Vassallo
Philippe de Poulpiquet
Pierpaolo Mittica
Raul Krebs
Robert Eikelpoth
Rogert Generazzo
Ryan Koopmans
Sara Hopkins
Sara Macel
Sarah Rhodes
Simon Harsent
Suzanne Rensink
Vincent Buller
Wassily Zittel
Yiorgos Kordakis
Yusuke Harada

*Multimedia winners will be announced at the end of this week.


1) to send your work directly to exhibition site; please make arrangements for return postage if you want your work returned:
Nina Mendez Marti
New York Photo Festival
37 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
tel 347-853-7447 x135

2) Printing: If you need help producing your work for the exhibition: we have set up a partnership with Sous Les Etoiles (—one of the top professional photo labs in New York—to provide exceptional print quality at a discounted price. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Paula Bollers ( who can discuss production options and costs in more detail, as well as coordinate the delivery to L2 of your prints for exceptional mounting and framing options (below).

3) Mounting: Should you have your work printed at Sous Les Etoiles OR you wish to you have your self-printed work mounted or framed, send to:
337 East 89th Street, Brooklyn NY 11236
ATT:   LESLIE SAMET  t. 718-346-6666