Irmelie Krekin

Irmelie Krekin's images shown in the exhibition are the result of a personal exploration of her childhood memories, when she would travel to the forest, carrying her secrets in her backpack and watching the world unfold before her young eyes. In the summer of 2009, she began to revisit her childhood summers and recreated, through her observations of her own children, the personal stories that she had once constructed from those fleeting moments, from the hidden experiences of innocent youth. The faded memories and unspoken family secrets are finally shared, reconstructed and turned into a road movie of sorts: a road movie with no car and no sound, just the melancholy of silence.


Irmelie Krekin is a self-taught, Stockholm-based photographer. Irmelie was first recognized in Sweden in the mid 1990s when she photographed a large number of artists, such as Björk, Lemonheads, Primal Scream and others, for album covers and fashion editorials that appeared in innovative, up-and coming magazines. She traveled to South Africa, in an exchange with South African photographer Zwelethu Mthethwa (who traveled to Sweden), for the book “Sweden, South Africa.” Her latest images of reconstructed childhood memories inhabit a border territory between the staged and the documentary.



Irmelie Krekin
girl and the crocodile, 2010
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